How Sedex can help with ESG reporting

Our data platform, tools and services provide a seamless solution for holistic ESG management and reporting.


If you're not sure where to start, our Consulting team can help you develop a plan to meet the ESG standards most relevant to your business.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

Our SAQ helps to gather information about a work site's activities, working conditions and people. Complete for your own facilities, and ask suppliers to complete one for each of theirs.

Data platform

The data captured through an SAQ and work site assessments can be stored on our integrated data platform, feeding into other Sedex tools to support ESG risk assessment and reporting.

Risk assessment

Our risk assessment tool, Radar, enables analysis of human rights and environmental risks across your operations and supply chain. Study inherent risks in relevant countries and sectors, and build bespoke risk profiles for every work site you have data on.

SMETA audit

Our supply chain audit builds a comprehensive picture of a work site's operations, people and working conditions through an in-person assessment. Use to look at your own or suppliers' facilities.


Our integrated analytics enables analysis and reporting at scale. Draw insights, set targets, identify priority areas to take action, measure progress, and demonstrate ESG performance across a global supply chain.

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